Jolly Rancher Soda Review

Jolly Rancher Soda is a new beverage derived form the very popular Jolly Rancher Candy.

Jolly Rancher Soda is currently available in 5 flavors:
-Green Apple

It comes in 20 oz plastic bottles, 24 to a case. You can find photos and specifications at

The soda truly smells and tastes like Jolly Rancher Candy. All you have to do is taste it and you’ll be hooked. From the moment you open it you get the smell of the candy. It brings back memories! Jolly Rancher has been around since 1949. Almost everyone remembers the candy from their childhood. Some of us still buy it today.

You can find the new beverage in convenience stores across the USA although not every city has them right now. If you have questions or would like to comment about the soda there is a blog available at

—About the Beverage Industry and Sodas—

The soda industry has become stagnant while the new age beverage category (energy drinks, flavored waters) is exploding and still growing at double digit numbers.

This new trend to launch not only new sodas under an existing name brand is working, especially in this case where the name brand is one of the oldest and most recognized in the candy industry like Jolly Rancher.

In our taste tests kids were attracted to the vivid colors and sweet taste. Adults immediately recognized the name brand and most of them expressed their delight when they saw the product. They could not believe their eyes, a new product from their favorite candy.

Jolly Rancher soda is already available for national distribution and you can contact the phone number below for more information.

For distributors and retailers the largest advantage is the name brand recognition. “It’s an instant name brand” said Carlos Lopez of, who currently markets the brand for the manufacturer. Distributors automatically know what it is and recognize the brand. Even if they have not seen the product they immediately want to carry it. They see the power of the name. is currently marketing and selling Jolly Rancher Soda to Retailers and Beverage Distributors. is part of Liquid Brands Management, Inc., a Marketing and Consulting firm helping beverage companies sell more beverages through distributors and retail accounts in the USA and in Mexico. Please visit

How To Buy Awesome Martial Arts Weapons Online And Save Money

The weapons used when training are generally hand-held weapons made of wood or metal. There is a big range of martial arts weapons such as Tonfa, Sai, Nunchaku, Kama, Swords, Bo Staffs, Knives, Escrima and others.

Buying the best M.A. Weapons can be an extremely confusing procedure. There are a lot of sellers, manufacturers and various types of materials to be used in making these weapons. Every specific martial art has a specific weapon choice. It is essential that you pick up your weapons cautiously as they are recommended by your trainer.

So, if you seeking to purchase awesome M.A. Weapons, you may have two choices, either you can visit a number of local stores to get your desired weapons and pay at whatever rate they demand, or another option is that you can go online and surf the various websites specialized in this market, compare the prices, check the reviews of former buyers and pick up a website and order the list of required weapons. You will discover great selection, superb quality and the price which can be very low as compared to the prices on your local stores. Most importantly, for all this, you do not need to wander shop by shop; you can give an order at the comfort of your home.

To purchase the best M.A. Weapons, you can look through online stores which provides various styles and designs of M.A. Weapons. These weapons are made out of best quality material so they are very reliable and durable. You can find Ninja weapons, blowguns, CAS hand forged, Escrima Sticks, Kamas, Knives, Kung Fu weapons, Nunchaku, sais, swords, throwing knives, throwing stars, Tonfa and many others. So, just place an order and get pleasure from quality material weapons from the comfort of your home.

A Safe Place To Buy Eve Isk Cheap – A Swagvault Review

For those of us who play Eve, we know Isk is everything. It doesn’t matter what skills you have maxed if you don’t have the Isk to outfit yourself with a great ship. In the end, Isk is everything in Eve, and those who have it reign supreme. It can be tiresome to grind it constantly though, especially for those who enjoy low income high risk activities such as PvP. For us, it is nice to have an alternative source of income, and buying Isk is a great alternative to grinding. But it can be hard to find a safe place to buy Eve Isk cheap. This review will talk about SwagVault, a site known for providing not only Isk, but a variety of Eve items and services.

The first thing we should take a look at is their level of safety. SwagVault is a large site, and they have a great reputation for being trustworthy. And for those who worry about such things, their site security is industry standard, so there is less risk of hackers getting into your information. All in all, SwagVault scores high for safety.

So how is there availability? Will they have enough Isk for your purposes? Generally, yes, unless you plan to buy trillions. SwagVault is one of the largest places to buy Eve Isk cheap, and they keep a huge supply of Isk at hand to meet demands. So you don’t have to worry about this much either.
For those worried about getting caught, you shouldn’t be; SwagVault takes all possible steps to mask their transactions, and the fact that they don’t bother with risky advertising such as in-game spam means they are able to stay even further off the radar.

So you know they have the Isk, and you know they are safe to buy from, but how are their prices? Well, SwagVault is a large site, and like most large businesses they offer lower prices than the majority of their competitors. This is as true for Eve as it is for the other games they supply currency for, such as WoW and EQ2.

“So Just What is Your Backlink Plan”?

Your Backlink Plan is a Key Link In Driving Traffic I wanted to talk today about your Backlink Plan, why we all need one and what part it all plays in both driving traffic and establishing credibility in your niche. Much has been said recently about miracle traffic software but the truth is Google loves links, assuming that is they are relevant to your niche and for that reason alone your Backlink Plan is really important, it’s not a flavor of the month tactic, it’s timeless. I have touched on before the value of Interal Linking and it has two advantages, it clearly creates links deep into your site, it gives your readers a broader take on your topic and again Google loves them, so what’s not to like? Now clearly you need to be careful, placing your Backlink Plan in the hands of low cost outsourcer could be a big mistake, now let me qualify this, I use as you know the micro outsource sites regularly and I have found a lot of really good people, but I have also been targeted by blog spammers and I suspect that a lot of that is people offering to generate 3000 links for $4 Dollars. You may be thinking but I hate blog commenting, doing the research to find them and building my Backlink Plan but I would counter that with 20 minutes to half an hour a day spent well will reap big rewards, you will after all spend at least that reading about the next big thing or the newest shiny object and we all know where that gets us. The True Value In Your Backlink Plan So what is the true value in your Backlink plan, well aside from your link building activity you are doing three key things, number one is that you are getting a number of different points of view outside of your own, in short you are educating yourself, a couple of the blogs I visit two or three times a week always give me a new slant on an old idea, so highly valuable. Number two in your Backlink Plan is you are relationship building, there may well be a time you want to approach that person, maybe to promote for you, maybe to offer them a guest post, it’s going to be much easier if they recognize you as being in their niche and on their wavelength rather than just another my hand in your pocket type. Reason number three in your Backlink plan is simple really, if you appear regularly on high traffic blogs and comment people will out of curiosity come and look at you, they may even write about you, people like David Risley regularly look at their readers blogs for ideas and he will critique what he sees in a post, good or bad and when somebody like David talks we would be pretty silly not to pay full attention to what he has to say. So in essence what I am saying is that two to two and a half hours that you spend drifting around is now spent on your Backlink Plan, driving traffic, building relationships and getting a different viewpoint on what you do, if somebody like David comments on something you do, it’s priceless, it maybe painful in the short term but we must learn from those who know not try to reinvent the wheel. What Tools Can I Use In My Backlink Plan? So what tools should you use in your Backlink Plan? well I think the following are the best for these, first up is look on the micro outsourcing sites Fiverr Gigswood & Zeerk search for backlinks and pick the people who are offering realistic numbers of backlinks, you will see people creating 20 to 100 backlinks for $4-$20 Dollars, clearly if their good just rinse and repeat. Use plugins like Comment Luv on your blog and yes I know I don’t have it at the moment but that will be put right very shortly, this gives your commenter a link to their latest post from your site and it encourages them to come back on a regular basis, another relationship building exercise. I think however the best Backlink Plan I’ve seen is Shane Mclaughs in a world of wild promises he delivers true value, the amount of free information and software here is remarkable and he has been quick to expose some of the snake oil merchants and to take them to task. Lastly but by no means least in your Backlink Plan is Internal Linking Google loves it and it encourages your readers to dig deeper into your site. So as always I’d love to hear what you think and what else you do to generate your backlinks, doubtless you will be using strategies that I haven’t mentioned here, just be sure to build you own Backlink Plan. Published at:

Backlink Service

Article Writing Tips To Grow Your Business The best articles will always reflect the writer’s solid grasp of the target market, and the article contains what the market is looking for. Marketing articles that get read and convert are like sales people who never stop working; and if you have the desire to write articles like that – you can. Even though there is so much information available concerning article writing, the best way to learn would be to apply the knowledge you come across. Given below are 3 useful article writing tips to help you the most out of your efforts. One of the key points that you need to remember with article writing is to make your articles interesting and fun to read. Just about all the time people want to find some way to solve a problem. So if you can, just try to keep the pace going and don’t allow your writing to flounder. Try to see how the other article writers are writing in your niche and see if you can bring that affect in your own articles. Most article writers don’t realize they can write in their own voice, but once you know that then you can get a better sense of doing it. It is because we have our own uniqueness, then that means we have our own style. The way you write and express yourself will definitely put something extra into your articles. Once you’re comfortable expressing your self, then you’ll see good things start to happen. There is nothing wrong with search engine optimization of your articles and content, but you need to learn how to walk the fine line between SEO and writing for readability. It’s not as hard as you think to focus on SEO and forget that people will be reading your articles, too. If people laugh at what you’ve written, or they cannot understand what you’ve written; then why bother if that traffic is important. When you write high quality articles, you have done your research and are writing in your own words and thoughts. Be careful about your final results if you constantly are checking things and moving around reading this note and that one, etc. First of all, this will slow down your writing speed to a great extent. You’ll also notice, probably, that the tempo and pace of your articles is not smooth. You will always discover, or notice, that things just go much better when you ignore all doubts about anything and start writing and don’t stop until it’s done. Then, after you’re done is the time to go back and proof, edit, and correct any mistakes. You can become a good article writer, but you’ll have to learn and keep writing. The most important thing is that you never give up on your goals. Producing excellent quality articles is the path to making serious money with them. Make a committment to producing something each and every day, even on the weekends. Published at:

The Top 5 Specific Reasons 98% Of All Affiliate Marketers Fail

The attraction of affiliate marketing is very seductive indeed.

When done right the successful affiliate marketer looks like this:

He or she has a business based on the hard work of other people who have developed products and markets to purchase these products

Has no customer service issues to deal with

Runs the business from home with no staff

Has an endless supply of income that arrives by virtual autopilot

Has completely left the 9 to 5 rate race behind

With such an incredible business model at our disposal, why is that most of the affiliate profits go to the top 2% of affiliate marketers with 98% of affiliates left to pick up the crumbs that fall from the Internet Marketing table?
From my extensive research and trial and error over the past 3 years I would have to say the pitfalls that catch the unsuspectling almost like clockwork, arrange themselves like wild beasts on the path way to success and must be avoided if you are going to join that elusive top 2% of successful affiliate marketers taking home the lions share of the extremely generous commission pay checks.

The No#1 Top Reason for Affiliate Failure – Selling The Wrong Products

Now I didn’t list this as the top for any random reason, but for a very specific point that needs to be made here. I also didn’t say attempt to sell but actually sell the wrong products.

Firstly you will never be able to succeed in this game if you are trying to sell ice to Eskimos – they don’t need it. Picking the first affiliate offer that comes your way is what most newbie affiliate marketers do and it sets them off in the wrong direction. So no matter how well you market your product you are doomed to be flogging a dead horse.

You must do your research first to establish what products the market is actually buying. Choosing the wrong products is the first mistake and the worst as it doesn’t matter if you know how to attract website traffic that is explicitly targeted to the product, if for a number of reasons the traffic either doesn’t convert to sales or the total market is just too small or too tight a niche, you are destined to a trickle of income at best.

So wrong product, in the wrong market is the first trap that must be avoided if you are to be successful as an affiliate marketer. The right research tools can lead you to the right products that people are demanding and purchasing.

The No#2 Top Reason for Affiliate Marketing Failure – Not Enough Targeted Visitors

So lets just assume for the moment that you got the first one correct and you did your research and you choose the right products to promote based on proven market performance, indicating that you indeed have something that a hungry crowd are eager to purchase from your promotions.

Great! Now for the next trap…

You have setup a website or a sales page and you are attempting to drive traffic to the offer and you decide to do one of two things that are common and obvious ways of getting visitors:

PPC – pay per click advertising such as Google Adwords
SEO – pay per your time and effort to create backlinks to raise your search engine results pages (SERPS)

Most affiliates discover the hard way that PPC is very difficult to master and they lose money hand over fist, then they slow down their campaigns until the cost doesn’t seem too bad but still their sales are usually less.
Then there is the other choice of doing some SEO (search engine optimisation) work to get your sites listed in the search engine pages high enough to get the traffic that you need to convert into paying customers. This involves a lot of hard work that can takes months and is also a very technical exercise that can backfire on you if you do things the wrong way. If Google thinks that you attempting to game their system they can remove you from their index completely. That means all your hard work can vanish over night!

Getting banned from the search engines is a major reason that many affiliates over eager to get up to the top of the first page on Google fail to get the website visitors that they need to succeed.

There are right ways and wrong ways of attempting to build traffic, you really need to learn a system and stick to it once you know that it works. Here’s a clue, just think about what websites impresses you and influences you towards either believing something (information site) or buying something (product site). Then make these types of pages.

No#3 Reason for Affiliate Marketing Failure – Not Good At Promoting A Product

Well it is the top third reason where most new marketers fall off the wagon completely. Even if you choose the right products to promoter and get a healthy chunk of website visitors to your sales pages and websites, but once they are there they don’t automatically turn into paying customers. Your conversion rates are too low.

Funny that isn’t it? You would think that if you had a great product and there were lots of people looking at it then the sales should come, but no they don’t just happen.

Trust is paramount to your success. People will not buy from you unless they trust you. It is a simple fact that is often over looked. Parting with money for goods is called selling and the truth is most people don’t like being sold to. On the other hand people love to buy products that they want as long as they trust the person they are handing their cash to.

The art of selling while looking like you are providing useful information is a skill that requires a good deal of professionalism and is best left to the professionals who have a proven track record in this field.

A good example of this done well is to not send traffic to your own site but send by direct linking to the merchants page where your customer is going to be confronted with all the very best sales collateral that has the best chance of converting the website visitor into a customer.

No#4 Reason for Affiliate Marketing Failure – Procrastination

With so many choices it is easy to get side tracked and in a state of indecision as to what to do, and then the choice is made by default – do nothing with the promise of getting around to doing it sometime. That sometime never arrives and so the idea of getting a successful affiliate marketing business just keeps disappearing further on down the road to oblivion.

The confusion that inevitably arises from an over crowded inbox with the latest and greatest internet marketing tool that you just have to have, is the major contributing factor here. So how does one overcome this inbox distraction?

Unsubscribe from all of the bottom dwellers and stick with the best and most highly recommended from a good number of sources to make sure you are choosing correctly. The best guys are the ones that are spoken of highly in the forums where people spill the beans on who is worth listening to and who are the shonks worth staying away from.

If you don’t act you will never get past square one.

No#5 Reason for Affiliate Market Failure – Buy Every Product That Comes Along

This one is closely related to the #4 reason of failure. In an over enthusiastic effort to “do something” in newbie affiliate marketer just goes out and buys every product he can get his hands on.

The opposite of procrastination but equally as disappointing as doing nothing at all. The notion that if I buy this product I will be instantly successful is a grand lie and you need to understand this if you are to move forward at all.

Doing something is not about signing up to the latest and greatest thing only to find after your initial enthusiasm has waned, you have not made any sales and you are off to look for the next latest and greatest thing on offer.

I have made money selling other peoples products when I have avoided these costly 5 mistakes.

I know how to choose the right highly sought after products, how to attract highly targeted website visitors and how to enjoy a high conversion rate once they are at my sites. Sometimes as high as 12% conversions are possible if you get all your jacks in a row.

If you would like to find out how to become a successful affiliate marketer then I can suggest someone who is far more successful than myself. Someone who makes $2million dollars plus per year, know how to choose, promote and where to sell other peoples products.

His name is Mack Michaels and he has a website called Maverick Money Makers.

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Back links Building is a a very powerful factor for a web page to extend its popularity amongst search engines
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Google is the primary search engine to hyperlink to the websites with the estimation of a vote rate. The hyperlinks must also be related to the content material of the website. The recognition of a web site by way of every other name as “Web page Rank,” decides the volume and quality of backlinks. The key phrases used in the hyperlinks (anchor text) are the most important to determine the location of a website in the SERP along with page optimization.
Can You Really Use Articles To Build Your Listing?
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Combining the Power of Electrical Cars and Gasoline Engines
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Are you glad with your career at this time? Don’t you want to move upwards or be promoted? One option to enhance your accounting occupation is by taking a sophisticated accounting occupation training.
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Create and Keep a Budget
Along the best way, it’s possible you’ll make a couple of investing errors, nonetheless there are massive mistakes that you just completely must avoid in case you are to be a profitable investor. As an example, the most important investing mistake that you would ever make is to not make investments in any respect, or to put off investing until later. Make your cash give you the results you want – even if all you can spare is $20 every week to speculate!
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How To Use A Tell-A-Friend Script To Drive Traffic Right now
Right here’s a rarely used leverage in Web Advertising neighborhood today but is usually utilized in industrial websites with tons of effective outcomes!
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Hybrid automobiles boast of an all-encompassing operational system. They function by combining an electrical energy-run motor, a diesel engine and maximum-powered batteries. The battery provides off energy for the electric motor and recharges when it recaptures the vitality that is often misplaced when the automobile is lessening its acceleration or while it is coasting.
Hybrid Vehicles VS Diesel Powered Vehicles
Hybrid vehicles boast of an all-encompassing operational system. They function by combining an electrical energy-run motor, a diesel engine and maximum-powered batteries. The battery gives off energy for the electrical motor and recharges when it recaptures the energy that’s usually misplaced when the automobile is lessening its acceleration or while it is coasting.
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As a outcome of making an investment is not a positive factor normally, it is similar to a game – you don’t recognize the outcome until the game has been played and a winner has been declared. Anytime you play virtually any type of sport, you have got a strategy. Making an investment isn’t any different – you wish to have an investment strategy.

Innovative Black Hat Community Introduced – Bhseos

BHSeos Forum is a fresh, new forum community where other fellow blackhat marketers can integrate their ideas with new custom programs built exclusively for the members. This is is a community where you can learn the newest methods and techniques to get ahead in affiliate marketing, local SEO consultant businesses, or promoting your own businesses. We focus on new and exciting custom tools built exclusively for our members – but that’s not all.. You can talk and discuss various ways of competing in tough markets online, or how to use complex tools effectively… focuses on the technical aspects of SEO. We have discussions on advanced marketing strategies, and using blackhat scripts to manipulate search engine results, to outrank your competition, to get your sites indexed, to get high page rank links pointing to your sites. Struggling to properly use Xrumer, Scrapebox, Senuke, Sick Submitter, Serpassist? Having problems getting your comment spam to stick? We have specific methods, tricks, and tutorials involving the most complex programs in our industry.


We build our own custom tools and offer to our members exclusively. We have a proxy scraper, a referrer spammer, keyword generator, competition analysis, serp scraper, facebook friend adder, and a NEW exclusive backlinking tool that harvests AND spams various frameworks (currently: Laconica/StatusNet, EasyPhpGuestbook and DrbGuestbook, but many more are coming!) which are plugins so the tool will get new plugins all the time, plus you can even create your own plugins.. And that’s just after a week of launching. MANY more tools are on their way. We even take program requests – the facebook friend adder was a request from one of our first members and was delivered the next day. If you need any custom scripts created – you can ask one of the admins or other members (there’s several programmers in the forum) for help.. Plugins have been created for members that had a specific problem with multi-site WP 3.0. If you have a problem and need a solution, just ask! That’s what this forum is here for. To help our members get what they need done, and hopefully other members will benefit as well. You can’t buy that kind of service – we offer it free with your membership.


We’ll be going step by step, explaining the how and why – find out what it takes to use advanced tools – such as Scrapebox, Xrumer, and Senuke. We’ve started several threads, explaining how to get better success rates out of these tools and we’ll be going even further to provide more instruction on how to use programs to increase your online visibility.


There’s new products coming out every day in the SEO field, specifically Blackhat tools, and you never know if they’re worth the sale price they ask… We’ll be reviewing many products, going through each step necessary to successfully use these programs.


Link building is definitely an art form – when it comes to getting complex strategies down to a gameplan that an outsourcer can follow, getting your backlinks indexed, promoting the promoters, using proper keyword strategies, getting GOOD high PR links, buying links, selling links, link velocity – there’s a lot to it. The old way of just doing a Senuke run or submitting your site to directories – watching your site rise in the rankings… well, that just doesn’t work anymore. You need good strategies for getting quality links in such a way, that’s easily replicable, but not easily discounted by the search engines. New strategies are formed daily and at, we’re here to help you with this process and learn from each other. Find out what works, and what doesn’t.

Here’s some examples of the discussions already posted on the forum:

The art of link building, Local SEO – Offering your expertise to local businesses, Mass Spaming with no complaints!, Grab the Keyword-Tool here, Multithreaded HTTP scanner for Linux, Grab ProxyScraper here, Product Reviews, Nested Spinning – Snippet,Testing But Not Getting Cookied, ClickBomb Protection – Lets See Programmer Deliver!,OOP – Search Engine Harvesters, PageRank Lookup, Scrape Proxies from Samair. Redirects By Referrer and Search Engines, domain availability checker, What Server/Host Setup Works best For Cookie Labs, pligg captcha exploit, Grab ReferralDaemon here, Adjacking for fun and profit!, Traffic Vance Alternative, Any Effective Facebook Friend Adders?, XSS Scanner, Introducing the API, Xrumer – Challenges, Improvements and Tips, and much, much more!

At – there’s three main goals we try to achieve:

1. Discuss Blackhat SEO and methods/strategies.
2. Create programs that WORK, and that help us achieve the goals we set out in our methods/strategies for ranking in competitive markets. Create custom blackhat tools requested by our members.
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Popularize Your Webpage Links by Buying Backlinks!

The natural aim of anyone who owns a website, would be to make it the most popular one. There are millions of websites available in the World Wide Web. When there are so many sites, it is not very easy to get your websites to be viewed by many people. But, most people fail to realize that everything is possible. Backlinks is the solution for those people who are looking for ways to popularize their websites.

Why backlinks are important?

Any search engine would optimize the search results based on certain rules that were set created by the developers. A proper analysis of any program could easily determine its working. Similarly, the working of a search engine could also be known. You need not be a developer to identify it. If you have got common sense, you could easily understand it. Most search engines like Google has very good reputation on those sites, which have many high quality backlinks. Hence, these websites would obviously attain a place in the first few pages of the search result, after a search query is made.

Get the word out about your websites

A creation of a website alone would not let people all around the world to know about its existence. It requires some sort of marketing, so that people will actually know that such a site is available. Backlinks helps in attracting a lot of people towards a website. The presence of the link of your webpage in some other site would obviously help in increasing the click rate of your own site. When your site is linked to a more popular site, more people would naturally tend to view your webpage as well. A very important thing for the backlinks is the creation of appropriate anchor texts. The anchor text is that text, which could be clicked. A click on the text redirects to another webpage. So, the text should be chosen with high efficiency. The choice of the text should motivate the internet users to click at it immediately.

If you are looking for ways to popularize your websites, then buy backlinks for your sites immediately. A newly created website needs to be promoted, so that people have an awareness of its presence. So, buy backlinks and get your websites popularized for sure.

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Buying Backlinks Guide

After reading this article you’ll discover the good and bad places to buy links.

Let’s get the bad stuff out of the way first. Link brokerage is generally bad. There are several reasons. First of all Google can easily detect those back links using reverse engineering and penalize your rankings. Second of all, they often link out to spammers and do not produce good results in terms of rankings.

Now let’s examine the good places to buy links.

1) Paid directories: Spammers prefer quantity over quality. Payment often serves as an effective barrier to entry. This means that a spammer will try to put links on 1000 ineffective directories and avoid paying for the high-quality directories. Almost all paid directories have staff that reviews submissions. Search engines like sites reviewed by humans and give them more trust. Most expensive directories are and

Here is a list of secondary directories that it’s worth submitting to:

WoW Directory

You should review them manually, because unfortunately some of them change for the worst. At the time of this writing they are still good. Also Check your local directories (especially effective for local brick-and-mortar businesses)

This is what you should check: Do they accept all listings automatically once you pay them? If so it’s not a good sign because spammers may buy links also. How many backlinks does the directory have? How often does it get crawled by Google (check to see last cached date)? What is their Alexa rankings (how much traffic do they get)?

You can exchange links with directories, but only if they’re vertical directories relevant to your industry. A good approach is to create a directory yourself and populate it with listings. Use it to link to directories which require a link back in exchange for a free listing. Never link back to low quality directories.

Carefully examine the “directory submission services”, often times they own all the directories to which they’re submitting. This will create low quality backlinks for often astronomical prices.

2) Donations: Many non-profit organizations have a listing of people who made a donation. You can often make a small donation and get a link back to your site. Many of these places have common keywords on site such as “nfp”, “npo” etc. Try searching for these keywords to find these organizations.

You’ll be doing something good while getting links in the process.

Before you start buying backlinks consider your on-site SEO. Duplicate content can either hurt or help. Discover the truth. Visit [], before it’s too late.

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